What is the Form 200?

The Form 200 is a form that is a record of paper pledges entered into Nexus by a Campaign Manager. The Form 200 is generated as part of the process for submitting the white copies of paper pledges to CFCNCA.

The Form 200 consists of an "Audit Copy" and a "Receipt Copy" which each contain a table of the pledges entered by the Campaign Manger into Nexus. The "Audit Copy" of the Form 200 is to be put in the small pocket of the Deposit Bag (Form 300). The "Receipt Copy" will be signed by a receiving agent at a pledge drop-off location as the agent accepts the Form 300/Deposit bag. Campaign workers should keep the "Receipt Copy" for the agency's campaign records.

To learn how to generate a Form 200, please view the Deposit Bag Tutorial.

A sample of a Form 200 is included below. Note that this sample form is completed with "Combined Federal Campaign" in place of a valid campaign component. The deposit bag, Form 100, and reporting unit numbers are all samples. Be sure to complete the Form 200 with accurate information. Confirm a reporting unit number with the Agency Search tool.

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