What is the pledge form?

A donor may choose to complete a paper pledge form to make a contribution. A donor should present a completed pledge form to a campaign worker (keyworker, coordinator, or campaign manager), who will process the pledge form.

The paper pledge form includes instructions for the donor and three pages of carbon paper. The first page of carbon paper is yellow, the second is white, and the third is blue. Each piece is processed in a different way by the campaign worker.

YELLOW: If the donor made a payroll deduction pledge, campaign workers send the yellow page to the agency payroll office. Payroll deduction pledges must include PII, such as the donor’s social security number or employee ID number. Campaign workers use the yellow envelope of the Form 100 to submit yellow pages to the payroll office. If the donor made a pledge by cash or check, then the donor should keep the yellow page for tax records.

WHITE: Campaign workers always send the white page of a paper pledge form to CFCNCA's office, regardless of pledge type. CFCNCA uses the information included on the white copy to process pledges and distribute funds. Campaign workers use the white envelope of the Form 100 to submit the white pages to CFCNCA.

BLUE: This page is for the donor’s tax records. The donor always keeps the blue page after completing the pledge form.


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