How do I get a tax receipt?

PAYROLL DEDUCTION - If you pledged by payroll deduction, you will not receive a tax receipt. For tax purposes, you will need to pair the names of the charities you designated (as shown on your pledge form) with the total amount deducted from your paychecks for the year, which can be found on your final leave and earning statement.

CREDIT/DEBIT/E-CHECK - If you made a donation by one-time or recurring debit/credit/ACH, you will need a copy of the receipt that was automatically emailed to you for tax purposes. For a recurring donation, you will need that email receipt, along with copies of your monthly credit card or bank statement for tax purposes.

CASH/CHECK - If you made a donation by cash or check prior to Septemeber 1, 2016 and would like a tax receipt, please contact EarthShare’s Finance office at

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