How can I cancel my MyPay payroll contribution?

A donor cannot cancel a pledge through MyPay's website. To cancel your payroll contribution follow these steps:

1. Contact your payroll office. Ask your payroll office to delete the record of your MyPay pledge from the payroll system.

2. Contact the CFCNCA Help Desk by email at

3. In your email to Help Desk, please identify yourself with your name and reporting unit number. Explain that your payroll office deleted your MyPay pledge. The Help Desk will delete your pledge from the campaign records.

You may submit a new payroll pledge by paper form after the payroll office and CFCNCA Help Desk confirm the deletion of your pledge. MyPay will not allow you to make another online payroll pledge. Alternatively, you may use Nexus to make an online credit/debit/ach transaction.

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