Can I replicate my Nexus pledge from last year?

Yes. If you made a pledge in Nexus last year, you may replicate that pledge by pressing the REPLICATE PLEDGE button at the top of the Nexus pledge form. This will populate the entire pledge form with all information from your previous pledge. You must still review the entire pledge form and then click COMPLETE THIS PLEDGE at the end of the Nexus pledge form to submit your pledge.

Please note that the replication function is not available for EEX, MyPay, or paper pledge forms. EEX, MyPay, and paper pledge form donors seeking to maintain a pledge from last year must enter all information from last year's pledge into EEX/MyPay or onto a paper pledge form.

Below is an image of the REPLICATE PLEDGE button as it appears on the SELECT A PLEDGE TYPE screen in Nexus:



For a detailed walk-through of Nexus pledging, please view our Nexus Pledging Tutorial.

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