I’m trying to register in Nexus but my email address is not in the drop down menu. How do I register?

Below is a visual step-by-step for registering a government email address. If you would like to read the directions, please continue down the screen.


Nexus accepts any email with a .mil or .gov suffix. Some agencies do not use .mil or .gov suffixes, so Nexus will also accept any of the following domains:

To register your email, first find the section labeled "Enter Your Email Address" and locate the down arrow in the field marked --SELECT--. Select the down arrow and scroll through the options. Choose the suffix or domain that matches your email address. Selecting a suffix will generate an additional domain field for you to enter any further information. Finally, enter the local-part of your email; this refers to any information appearing to the left of the @ sign, usually your name. Confirm your email and finish any remaining steps to complete your registration.

For a full guide on the registration process, please see the How to Register for Nexus tutorial.

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